Nintendo Switch Online is very popular in Japan

Criticism against the new Switch Online service has been noticeable both before and after the system launched about two weeks ago.¬† Despite that, the desire not to lose access to online functionality has driven a decent amount of people to subscribe to the new service anyway. It appears that Switch Online is particularly already proving to be popular in Nintendo’s own home turf of Japan.

Tsutaya, a retail chain in Japan, has reported that cards for Switch Online memberships have been selling well across the retailer’s 1000 physical storefronts. The card most being sold is the 12-month membership, which isn’t surprising considering that it has the best value out of all of the options.

Nintendo has yet to officially state how well the new service is being adopted in any region, let alone worldwide. But, as more data comes in, it will provide a gradually clearer idea as to how much the service is being adopted. For instance, Sensory Tower recently released a report showing that the Switch Online app has been downloaded over 5 million times across iOS and Android. Next to the US, the Japanese market makes up the second-largest number in that amount. The country has the second largest amount of Switch owners, so this achievement is no real surprise.

As Switch Online expands, Nintendo may likely expand the service itself with more features. But, for now, it seems that quite a few people are enjoying it anyway.



Now that the Switch has game-sharing, will more features come?

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A.K Rahming
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