Nintendo Switch OLED preorder page retailer roundup (it starts today!)

Nintendo Switch OLED model preorder retailer listing page roundup Best Buy Amazon Target Walmart GameStop

When a new shiny piece of technology is announced, the horrific rush to preorder begins. And now, that cycle has begun anew. Nintendo Switch OLED Model was announced, and retailers are slowly putting up listings for it, and the option to preorder will become active at 3:00 p.m. ET / noon PT. So far, Nintendo Switch OLED Model preorder pages are available at GameStop, Best Buy, and Amazon UK, with (inactive) listings for both the White and Neon Red and Blue Joy-Con models. Amazon and Target landing pages are available as well. The console retails for $349.99 USD.

Nintendo Switch OLED preorder listings at retailers (sales begin at 3:00 p.m. ET)

The benefits of this new console over the base console are a 7″ OLED screen, better audio, a wide adjustable stand, and a LAN port in the dock. It is also compatible with all existing Joy-Con because, for better or worse, the OLED Joy-Con are the same model. This is not quite the “Switch Pro” that people had been expecting, but there is still reason to believe a more comprehensive upgrade may still come in the future.

Check back early and often for more Switch OLED preorder listings and info.

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