Nintendo Switch was the highest selling console of 2018

Nintendo Switch was the highest selling console of 2018

The Nintendo Switch has been doing gangbusters since it launched in early 2017. And it seems like sales have only remained strong throughout 2018. According to early reports, the Switch has become the best-selling console in the United States, Japan, and France.

December alone set new sales records for Nintendo. Preliminary numbers (via Resetera) have shown that the Switch outsold both Xbox One and PS4 combined in the United States.

This is rather exciting news when you really break down what this means. Nintendo beat both Sony and Microsoft in 3 of the 4 largest gaming markets. The only country the Switch didn’t lead in was the United Kingdom which PlayStation 4 took instead. In Japan alone, however, the Switch sold over 2x as many PS4 consoles (Pro and standard combined). Considering that Japan has a very strong mobile gaming market, the portability of the Switch would make sense as a big selling point there.

Worldwide numbers still have the PS4 with a strong lead in consoles sold, though. End of year numbers shows the total at 91.6 million while the Switch sits at around 23 million. Still, Nintendo is on a fast pace for the Switch to become one of the highest selling consoles of all time. We should receive confirmation soon when official reports arrive early next month.

David Giltinan
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