Nintendo Switch has sold over 15 million units in Japan

Nintendo Switch 15 million Japan

Nintendo Switch is absolutely dominant in Japan. The hybrid console consistently tops the sales charts week after week, and it recently hit an impressive milestone. With over 77,000 units sold this week (including the handheld-only Switch Lite), total sales now stand at over 15 million.

Nintendo Switch passes 15 million in Japan

According to the latest sales data from Famitsu, the standard Nintendo Switch has sold 12,489,095 units. The cheaper Switch Lite model (released one year ago) has sold an additional 2,583,930 units. Combined, that’s 15,073,025 total sales from the Switch family in Japan alone. Over 15 million units sold in three and a half years is pretty impressive! But how does it stack up against other home consoles and handhelds?

Nintendo Switch has already passed up major sellers like Wii (12.75 million), PlayStation 3 (10.47 million), and PlayStation 4 (9.22 million) in Japan, despite trailing all three globally. Next up on the ladder is the Game Boy Advance family, which sold a combined 16.96 million in Japan. At its current rate, Switch will likely pass up several more consoles before the end of the year, but it’s still a long climb to the top.

A long way to go

Switch’s 15 million sales are a great start, but past Nintendo hardware dominates the top of the list currently. The DS family of consoles is number one with 32.99 million sales. Next up is the Game Boy family (which includes Game Boy Color), sitting at 32.47 million. At number three, last generation’s 3DS family sold a combined 25.26 million units. Sony’s PlayStation 2 is also ahead of Nintendo Switch with 21,454,325 units sold at last count.

That said, there’s nothing stopping Nintendo Switch from becoming the new leader. If recent rumors of increased production are correct, Nintendo is expecting their sales to climb. The cheaper Switch Lite proved to be a hot item for Nintendo, and the often-rumored “Switch Pro” could provide another big boost.


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