Nintendo Switch firmware 12.0.2 released, makes more background changes

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Nintendo has released yet another firmware update for the Switch, version 12.0.2. This is now the third update of the year, with the previous one being just under a month ago. This sudden uptick in system updates has some Switch owners curious as to what Nintendo is up to.

On the surface, Nintendo merely reports that this update serves to have made “General system stability improvements to enhance the user’s experience.” This is a line that the company has used dozens and dozens of times over the years in regards to system updates, so it’s easy to not pay it any mind.

But, for some folks, this explanation simply isn’t enough. Dataminers have already dug into this new firmware version to do a background check on what’s really going on. The findings are a little interesting. Apparently, this update has made some changes to core system bugs, the application manager, and the still-mysterious Bluetooth driver. The reason why it’s “still” mysterious is due to the fact that it was patched into the Switch’s OS a few months ago, but Nintendo has yet to do anything with it on the surface level. It seems that the company may perhaps still be testing it, or maybe it’s something that’s only there to be used by system engineers and perhaps developers. In any case, this, along with the other background changes made in this update, are not significantly amazing on their own. Nevertheless, the update is still something that users will keep being prompted to install when they try to access core functions like the Nintendo eShop.

Nintendo Switch firmware update 12.0

Silent improvements

The Switch’s OS is still relatively simple compared to many other consoles of the present and even the past. For as snappy and stable as it is, some users still lament over how “basic” it feels and looks. Nintendo has made some surprise changes over the years, however.

These changes include the addition of system-level button-mapping, save data transfers from one Switch to another, and easier PC-to-Switch USB connections for data transfer, just to name a few. Thus, the precedent has certainly been set for another random major system update to simply drop at any time. That’s why eyes are being kept on the aforementioned Bluetooth driver, for instance. There’s a lot of specific requests from the community for what some would like to see added, such as themes, folders, background music, and more.


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