Nintendo Switch eShop now gives gamers option to cancel pre-orders

Nintendo Switch eShop

The Nintendo Switch eShop is a treasure trove of wonders. Players can purchase quality and terrible titles, from AAA behemoths to indie developers and everyone in between. Pre-ordering games on the online service, though, used to be a gamble. Opting to secure a title in advance would charge customers right away, and there was no way to renege on a purchase unless one got lucky with customer service. Thankfully, this is no longer the case.

It’s alright to backpedal every now and again on the Nintendo Switch eShop

According to a tweet from Nintendo of Japan, users of the Nintendo Switch eShop can now cancel any pre-order they make, as long as the cancellation is not seven days or less before the release of the game. Also, consumers will not be charged the moment they pre-order. Funds will deplete once the title is seven days out from launch.

All in all, not a bad option for players. As long as there is an alarm to notify you when an upcoming adventure is releasing, it’s pretty safe to pre-order. Go ahead and splurge on Pikmin 3 Deluxe, if you want!

Enthusiasts, will you be pre-ordering video games through the Nintendo Switch eShop to your heart’s content now that this news is out? Let us know below!

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