Double Cross impressions: A boatload of fun platforming mechanics

I’ve been a big fan of the team over at 13AM Games ever since they launched Runbow on Wii U. If you didn’t know, Runbow is an incredibly fun and wacky multiplayer brawler/on-foot racer. It was recently ported to Nintendo Switch and you can check out our full review here. Anyway, while I did love the multiplayer aspect of Runbow, I always thought the single-player adventure mode was incredibly overlooked. So when I saw 13AM was as working on a strictly single-player platformer I got extremely excited. Now, Double Cross is launching soon on Nintendo Switch. It’s a zany platformer that offers a variety of platforming elements and slingshot traversal. Here are my impressions after completing the first three levels.

I’ve played the first three levels of Double Cross and I’m already very impressed by how much the game has thrown my way. Each level uses a different gimmick that you’ll need to master if you want to complete the level or collect all the “upgradiums” (in-game currency used to buy upgrades for your character). The levels are pretty lengthy with tons of nooks and crannies to discover. The aforementioned upgradiums you’ll find let you buy upgrades for Zahra (the main character), which can then be utilized to take out foes or get to new areas within a level. This will most likely add incentive to return to previously completed levels to collect all of the upgradiums. Though I’m still early so I’m not completely sure just how significant the upgrades are.

The gameplay gimmicks within the first three levels have been fun so far. However, I’m hoping the constant tutorials in every level doesn’t start to annoy. Luckily, it’s been a blast so far. One level has you swimming though jello-like goo and another level lets you stick to walls and use bounce-goo to get to higher areas. Along with these gimmicks, there’s the main gameplay mechanic of slingshotting yourself to higher ground or slinging objects to take out baddies. This mechanic works splendidly and it’s really satisying to do. Time slows when you aim so you can perfectly aim your lunges and throws. Utilizing everything at your disposal results to a great time to be had. Combine all of that with the charming world 13AM has crafted and this is a game very unlikely to disappoint.

I’m extremely excited to play the rest Double Cross on Nintendo Switch. 13AM Games is a studio that continues to impress and I can’t wait to see where the developer goes from here. You can find our full review for Double Cross in the coming days in both written and video format.

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Brett Medlock
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