Nintendo Switch could be setting even more sales records this year

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Just as you think new consoles are coming around to steal Nintendo Switch’s thunder, it looks like customers have other ideas. In a year where Nintendo has already upped its Switch sales projections by another five million units, we’re heading into a holiday season that could break sales records, as there is heavily increased shipments year on year to meet the demand.

Industry analyst David Gibson spotted a tweet claiming stores were already seeing sold-out bundles around Black Friday. This is on the back of millions of shipped systems, so Nintendo Switch is looking like a popular holiday item this year. Gibson quoted the claim, stating that shipment volumes from Asia to the USA were “up 30% YoY” and that “crazy” records may well be made.

Nintendo is expanding its production capabilities too. We recently reported that Japanese manufacturer Sharp is beginning to build Switch hardware in an attempt to increase production and expand the regions of its manufacturing. The company had already begun down this road, with problems around COVID-19 and U.S. / China trade tensions arising. The Sharp deal increases the opportunity for Nintendo to break Switch sales records.

What does this mean for us? Well, most of us have a Switch system by now, after more than three years on the market. However, newcomers may struggle to find Switch systems this holiday, especially families buying from traditional stores. We’ve already seen Sony and Microsoft struggle to meet the demand for PlayStation 5 and Xbox Series X, and gamers could turn to the Switch for an alternative. We just can’t guarantee the alternative being very easy to find either.


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