Nintendo Switch Concierge is a new service to ask reps 1-on-1 questions

Nintendo Switch Concierge free virtual meeting 30 minutes one on one Nintendo Switch startup getting started pilot program through February

No, it’s not a revival of the Nintendo Power Line to find out how to beat Ninja Gaiden, but it’s still a pretty neat addition: Nintendo Switch Concierge is a free service that allows enthusiasts to schedule a 30-minute, one-on-one virtual meeting with a Nintendo representative “to ask questions, get answers, and learn more about everything your Nintendo Switch system has to offer!” Primarily, Nintendo Switch Concierge seems concerned with helping players get started with Nintendo Switch upon purchasing one, as the following general topics of conversation are currently offered:

  • Nintendo Switch 101
  • Games (Getting Started)
  • Games (What to Play Next)
  • Security and Privacy
  • Nintendo Account
  • Customization

With Nintendo Switch Concierge, there is no obligation to buy anything before or after the conversation, and you’re free to invite a friend or family member into the conversation with you as long as you’re both on the same device. The meeting is not recorded, and you just need Microsoft Teams on your device to engage in the meeting. However, this service is formally a “pilot program,” and sessions are currently only available through February.

If there’s a more casual gamer in your life who may enjoy Nintendo Switch but doesn’t really “get” games super well, you should probably direct that person to this service.


John Friscia
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