Nintendo Switch smashes records in China, outselling PS4

China Tencent Switch

When it comes to the console industry in China, game systems have had a very odd history in the country. That’s because, a few years back, China made foreign consoles straight-up illegal. Thus, for a period of time, official game consoles didn’t really have much of a presence there. Recently, as the country has reversed its law on the ban of consoles, all three hardware manufacturers have jumped on the opportunity to take advantage of a basically all-new market. Unsurprisingly, the Nintendo Switch has been a stellar success there.

Lighting up the charts

Partnering with Chinese-giant Tencent, Nintendo launched the hybrid in China back in 2019. Now, one year later, the Switch has racked up 3.95 million units sold according to a recent report from Bloomberg. This not only makes it a success for the market, but the largest one, as it outpaced even the likes of the PS4 which has sold 3.52 million units in China since 2015. So, not only has the Switch come out on top, but it flew to the top. For 2020, the Switch has sold 1.8 million units (not counting December sales), so there’s clearly been a lot of excited new buyers there this year. The rapid growth is probably also attributed to the stay-at-home orders in China throughout most of this year, just has been the case in several other countries.

The Switch is likely going to hold the top spot in China for the foreseeable future, as both the Xbox Series X and PS5 are still hard to find worldwide.

At a recent investor’s briefing, Nintendo’s President Furukawa recently admitted that the company sees China and other Asian countries as its next big market, noting the stellar growth coming out of these regions. Now that we have some hard numbers, we get a better idea of what Furukawa was alluding to with his statement.


A.K Rahming
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