How often do you use your Switch compared to other platforms?

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The Switch is a versatile console with a plethora of incredible games available to players. It also has a lot to compete with in terms of other systems old and new. Relative to the other gaming platforms available to you, where does the Switch fall? How much do you use it compared to other systems?

The Switch is consistently my first or second most-played system. Of the last generation, I think I have gotten pretty similar use out of all three main consoles, with each going through spurts of dominant use. Right now, my Xbox One gets the most love, because 1) my friends and I are hooked on Halo Reach and probably will be forever and 2) Game Pass keeps me busy with lots of exciting new games as soon as they come out. Xbox also ends up being my preferred destination for most third-party titles because I prefer the controller and like to try and unlock Achievements as opposed to PlayStation Trophies, but I will grab a game on Switch if the portability seems beneficial to me for that particular game. My Switch is a distant second right now, getting pretty regular use thanks to Mario Party Superstars sessions with friends and an ongoing Super Mario 3D World playthrough with my significant other. I did just receive a copy of Xenoblade Chronicles 2 as a gift, so the Switch could retake the top spot pretty soon.

Is the Switch your most played system? How much use does it get compared to your other platforms? Let us know below.

Nick Pearson
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