Nintendo Switch 7.0.0 firmware got cracked in roughly 4 hours

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Tonight, Nintendo released version 7.0.0 of the Switch firmware, and like before, this introduced new security codes. While the Switch hacking community was initially put on high alert due to this, now things have already simmered down. Why?

The Speed of Sound

Hacker ‘elmirorac’ as they go by on Twitter managed to knockout Nintendo’s new protections just roughly 4 hours after the firmware was released. So, the Switch hacking scene wasn’t even interrupted for a full day by this update.

While some might see this as being comical, it’s also quite alarming. If hackers can circumvent Nintendo’s own coding this quickly, that doesn’t make the situation any better for legitimate users. There’s yet to be any real statistics as to how many hacked Switch units are out there, but any amount is enough to make developers uneasy, which is not something you want with a young system like the Switch.

A Game of Cat and Mouse

The battle between Nintendo and the Switch hacking community has been a fierce one since the console launched. With every new system update comes changes in the system’s coding, mainly meant to cover up any security exploits that was left undetected in the last version. Time after time, these updates would be circumvented by hackers, leading Nintendo to scramble the code yet again with every subsequent update. This is the cycle that has been repeating itself for several months now.

This situation is all tied to the Nvidia Tegra chipset that powers the Switch. Because it was already so well documented prior to release, hackers had a fair idea of where to look from the very beginning. Nintendo clearly can’t fight this fight on the software side, so a hardware revision seems to be the only real key.


A.K Rahming
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