Nintendo reportedly asking devs to create ‘4K-ready’ games, boosts Switch production 20%

Bloomberg Nintendo Switch 4K 4K-ready Switch Pro production increases 20% to 30 million units this fiscal year

In August, Bloomberg reported that Nintendo was ramping up Nintendo Switch production to 25 million units for the fiscal year, in order to meet explosive consumer demand created by COVID-19 and the smash success of Animal Crossing: New Horizons. Today, Bloomberg is reporting that Nintendo intends to increase production again, by 20%, targeting 30 million units for the fiscal year. The report also states that several anonymous game developers have been asked by Nintendo to make their games “4K-ready.”

Presuming the reports are accurate, the 4K-ready games piece lines up with yet another Bloomberg report from last month, which stated that there are plans to launch an upgraded Nintendo Switch model in 2021 with “more computing power and 4K high-definition graphics.” That report also claimed several new games from Nintendo and other developers would release within the launch window of the upgraded Switch model (sometimes referred to unofficially in the media as “Switch Pro”) and would cater to multiple demographics.

A 4K-enabled Nintendo Switch, even with modest hardware upgrades, could not stand in the same realm of processing power as PlayStation 5 and Xbox Series X. But it is absolutely the sort of thing that hardcore Nintendo fans and tech junkies would buy anyway, and it could be a great way to sustain console sales next year following the outrageously, supernaturally healthy sales year it is currently enjoying.


John Friscia
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