These Nintendo sweaters for the holidays aren’t ugly at all, I dare say

Nintendo sweaters holidays 2019 Geek Store

I’m not sure when exactly “ugly sweaters” became a thing, but I’m not a fan of them. Trying to be funny with clothes is often a surefire way both not to be funny and also to alert other people that you are not a funny person. However, as far as I’m concerned, these new official Nintendo sweaters from Geek Store aren’t ugly at all. They’re pretty cute in a — geeky — way.

Mario sweater Peach sweater Pokémon sweater

These Super Mario, Princess Peach, and Pokémon sweaters cost $39.99 each. Wearing one will either make you feel like a kid again (assuming you aren’t one at this moment), or it will make you feel like an awkward man/woman-child and drown you in embarrassment. The difference between the two is just a matter of self-confidence. If you believe you’re awesome in it — you are.

Personally, I think the Pokémon sweater is the easiest to pull off, as the colors are the least outlandish for something an adult would wear in the holidays. The Mario sweater is for high-rolling OG nerds though, the ones that revel in wearing bright, in-your-face primary colors with video game characters’ literal faces jumping out.

Are you considering buying any of these Nintendo sweaters for yourself or a loved one?


John Friscia
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