Nintendo surveys how much you’d pay for new WarioWare, brain training

Nintendo surveys survey WarioWare brain training Brain Age price points $49.99 $39.99

Reports are coming in that Nintendo is emailing players official surveys asking assorted questions. Most pressingly, there are survey questions asking if people are interested in purchasing new WarioWare or brain training games (likely Brain Age) at specific price points. In the case of WarioWare, via Beta64, Nintendo is asking how willing players are to purchase a new game at a price of $49.99. And in the case of brain training (again — probably Brain Age), via Nintendo World Report, Nintendo is asking how willing players are to spend $39.99 for “a brain training game that you can play with friends and family.”

In all honesty, I don’t know how willing I am to purchase either one of those hypothetical games at the price points provided; I would like to see the content myself first. But it’s promising that Nintendo is sending out surveys asking such specific questions about WarioWare and brain training at all, since Nintendo fans so often bemoan how the company’s smaller franchises often get shoved into a dark corner. Just look at F-Zero.

Between WarioWare and Brain Age, what would you most hope to see return on Nintendo Switch? I like to think my brain is still in fighting shape, so I could use some microgames in my life.

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