Nintendo Stock Drops Nearly 20% in 5 Days, Loses $5+ Billion in Stock

Nintendo stock has not been performing very well the last five days. Immediately after its investor briefing, the company’s stock fell more than 10%. Since then, however, the stock has lost nearly 20% combined, dropping from 23,880 yen to 19,415 right now, a 19% drop. The market cap, or the value of all the current outstanding stock, fell from 3.4 trillion yen to 2.75 trillion yen, a loss of 650 billion yen. To put that in perspective, it is a loss of $5.3 billion dollars of investment in the company, more than a billion per day.

Stocks are known to fluctuate. How long do you think it will take for Nintendo to regain its previous stock standing?

Eli Pales
Eli buys virtually every Nintendo title that comes out but has expanded his collection to include amiibo. He hasn't taken them out of their boxes, though, so he might be a bit insane. When not playing video games, Eli likes writing about politics and games. He also runs a decent amount. Outside.