Whoops! Nintendo forgot StarTropics code to progress in Switch port

Whoops! Nintendo forgot StarTropics code to progress in Switch port

Seems like Nintendo has been sticking too many bananas in their ears. The Switch version of StarTropics doesn’t include an important code needed to progress.

StarTropics has a unique puzzle that asks you to go beyond the game. With the physical NES cartridge, there was a letter from your uncle Dr. Jones. This letter contains a secret code which is a frequency number needed to find the famed archaeologist. The catch? You have to dip the letter in water to reveal this code.

The Wii U Virtual Console release of StarTropics got around this fun gimmick by including a scan of the wet letter with the digital manual. The Nintendo Switch Online version, however, doesn’t have this feature. Players who haven’t played the game before are therefore left in the dark. That is unless you use the power of the Internet.

If you happen to be playing the game and are at this part, the frequency code you’re looking for is 747.

That’s all well and good, but it would still be nice if Nintendo hooked up Switch owners in-game. This just seems like an odd oversight. Hopefully, this can be rectified with a simple update. Or StarTropics fans will just have to resort to modern technology that wasn’t available to them at the time.

David Giltinan
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