Nintendo source code leaks include jarring early designs for Yoshi

Yoshi Nintendo early

The most recent batch of source code leaks to hit Nintendo has some of the wildest stuff yet. Folks sifting through the data have turned up loads of cool stuff, including many early designs for classic Nintendo characters and their appearances in various popular SNES games. We’ve already highlighted a few nifty source code tidbits – like Bowser with legs in Super Mario World and a human co-pilot in Star Fox 2 – but these early designs are slightly more, well, cursed. These prototypes are not very similar to the final products. In most cases, that’s a good thing. Yoshi in particular went through some terrifying designs for Super Mario World before Nintendo remembered that they’re not making a horror game.

Early Yoshi is terrifying. So are those Koopas. There’s nothing happy about any of what we’re seeing here. That spindly middle Yoshi in particular looks like a strange reskin of a velociraptor. Just imagine how ridiculous he’d have looked in Super Mario World!

In some alternate universe, Nintendo released Super Mario World with these peculiar, eldritch pixels, likely pushing an entire generation down a depraved path towards the occult. Am I exaggerating? Yes, but . . . just look at that velociraptor Yoshi.

As an on-topic palate cleanser, enjoy these other, less terrifying early Yoshi designs from Super Mario World 2: Yoshi’s Island (Super Mario World 2, by the way, looked vastly different at first. Check out our initial article on the leaks if you haven’t already).

What do you think of Nintendo’s little crop of Lovecraftian Yoshi and Koopas? They’re some of the most bizarre things we’ve seen out of this latest round of leaks, but a whole bunch more could still come trickling out as dedicated fans comb over every bit of code. Keep an eye on Nintendo Enthusiast for more source code leak coverage over the next few days.



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