Nintendo sold more of Switch in Q3 2020 than any console since 2009

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In more positive news for Nintendo’s hardware business, Nintendo Switch continues to sell gangbusters. A week ago, we reported that the company had upped its Nintendo Switch sales projections for the year by five million units. Now, data from the NPD Group via Mat Piscatella also reveals a 10-year record sales quarter in the US. Over the course of Q3 2020, Nintendo sold the most Nintendo Switch units of any platform since Nintendo DS in Q3 2009. The NPD Group only covers sales in the United States, but nonetheless it’s an impressive stat. Globally, Nintendo DS ended up selling over 150 million units across all model variations and was a smash success.

The article also reported strong sales across the entire gaming sector for the quarter. From July to September, the video game industry saw $11.2 billion in consumer spending, up 24% from the same period last year. Again, this is US-only and covers all aspects of gaming from mobile, consoles, and PC to boxed sales, digital downloads, and subscription services. Hardware specifically was up 16% from last year, not bad when two huge console launches are coming in Q4 2020.

With Nintendo Switch continuing to see record hardware sales, we’re left wondering if a redesign is even needed. At any rate, Switch Pro rumors are still making the rounds, where a March 2021 release date has been speculated.


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