Nintendo schools Sony in the art of the classic mini console

SNES Classic - Playstation Classic - Sony - Nintendo

Sony’s PlayStation Classic console released earlier this month. To many fans’ dismay, the mini classic edition of Sony’s earliest console has proven to be a pale imitation of Nintendo’s own brand of throwback nostalgia. Now, one Youtuber has even shown that Nintendo’s classic SNES can run PlayStation games better than the PlayStation Classic. Check out the video from 8 Bit Flashback below.

In the video, 8 Bit Flashback uses Ridge Racer as a comparison. According to his experience, the controls are less responsive and sluggish with the PlayStation Classic. Graphically, the hardware and emulators within both units seem to present a similar output. But you can see a clear difference in the framerate. So much so, in fact, that visually you can feel the sluggishness of the PlayStation Classic.

This only further hurts Sony’s position with the PlayStation Classic console that many have bemoaned for its poor performance and lack of features such as DualShock controllers or even the simple AC adapter required to power the unit.

About Nintendo’s Classic program

The NES Classic mini console was released in 2016 to widespread demand. As a gamer, you’d have to be living under a rock to miss the splash that this little retro throwback made in the gaming industry. Stores were sold out within minutes. The demand spiked the price of private sales with consoles selling for double or triple the retail price. The SNES Classic mini console followed in 2017 and was received with similar fervor. However, Nintendo planned ahead this time and largely ensured that there was enough stock to meet the demand.

This year, Nintendo stocked both consoles in stores everywhere in time for the holiday season. However, be warned. After the holiday season, once these consoles are gone they are gone. These consoles performed so well and captured the perfect slice of these generations that many hoped for the mini classic fun to continue. But, Nintendo has rebuffed hopes for a Nintendo 64 Classic mini console with the renewed focus of bringing classic content to Nintendo Switch Online.

Are you a fan of the mini classic consoles? Have you tried either of Nintendo’s classic offerings or the PlayStation Classic? We’d like to hear your thoughts on these consoles in the comments below?

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