Nintendo Showdown: What’s the best Resident Evil game on Switch?

Resident Evil Nintendo Showdown

Welcome back to another edition of Nintendo Showdown! This is a weekly series at Nintendo Enthusiast, and it requires some audience participation. Every week we’ll compare two (or more) Nintendo games and pit them against each other in a poll. Your votes decide the winner, so choose wisely.  With recent rumors suggesting Resident Evil 4 is getting a remake, we decided to make Capcom’s popular survival-horror (well, sometimes) franchise the focus of our latest match. What’s the best Resident Evil game on Switch? Help us decide by casting your vote below!

What’s the best Resident Evil game on Switch?

A variety of styles

The Resident Evil franchise has evolved quite a bit over the years. While the original game and 0 are focused on survival-horror, later entries injected more and more action. We’ve also seen major shake-ups in the control scheme and the camera style. The series has technically even gone first-person on Switch, although Resident Evil VII only ever released in Japan as a cloud-streaming title with a monthly subscription. Whether you like tank controls and limited ammo or prefer to mow down zombies in third-person, Capcom has you covered.

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