Nintendo set to close even more limited eShops for 3DS

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A few weeks ago, Nintendo announced that it will be shutting down some limited eShop marketplaces for the 3DS and Wii U in countries located in Latin America and the Caribbean. Now, one of Nintendo’s distributors, Maxsoft, has announced even more of such closures, this time focusing on countries in the realm of Asia.

The closures will affect specifically 3DS users in the countries of Saudi Arabia, Singapore, Malaysia, and the United Arab Emirates. These eShops will be shuttered on the same day as their Latin American/Caribbean counterparts — on July 31, 2020.

Just as in the case of the other limited eShop closures, customers are being urged to redownload any software that they may have deleted in the past. Also, update any existing software you already have on your system. Once these services are terminated, any games and updates that remain not downloaded will be inaccessible.

It should come as no surprise to any 3DS (or Wii U) owner that this is happening. Both systems have been trudging along for a good number of years now. The Wii U was discontinued in 2017 just before the Switch launched. The 3DS has managed to hold on, but the end proves to be drawing ever nearer for the little handheld.

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A.K Rahming
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