Nintendo says to watch out for fake scam websites

Nintendo Japan warning warns fake scam website websites site sites

Nintendo Japan has issued a statement warning fans and customers about the danger of fake Nintendo websites and associated scams, and sister site Siliconera has discussed the highlights of the statement. Nintendo says there is an unauthorized website essentially imitating Nintendo and ostensibly selling its products at a discounted price. However, attempting to purchase through this website and giving it your personal information could be dangerous for obvious reasons.

Nintendo Japan did not link to the fake scam website, but the statement does put us all on notice to be weary of scams. Meanwhile, Nintendo is working with local authorities to have the fake website pulled down, and it is on the lookout for other similar scam websites as well. If you’re wondering what the real Japanese Nintendo website is, it’s And in the United States, you can of course go straight to There is no chance of getting scammed by those guys.

If there is any country where I believe in its cybersecurity, it’s Japan, but not necessarily for a practical reason. Rather, it’s because Japan has Mega Man on its side to combat cyber crimes. It also, incidentally, has The Great Ace Attorney to discourage drug use.


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