Nintendo of Russia president Yasha Haddaji under investigation

Nintendo of Russia president Yasha Haddaji under investigation

The phrase “from Russia with love” has lost meaning for Yasha Haddaji. The Nintendo of Russia president is now under investigation after a live stream meltdown and workplace abuse allegations.

The slippery slope began for Haddaji after his mishandling of Pokemon products. Nintendo fans in Russia have been critical of the executive for his business decisions. These include discontinuing the Pokemon trading card game and ordering low numbers of Let’s Go, Eevee! compared to Let’s Go, Pikachu!

A live stream of Mario Kart 8 Deluxe, however, is where we caught a glimpse of the worst. In the below video, Haddaji can be seen berating and threatening to fire employees over technical difficulties. He also very audibly uses expletives despite being warned they’re live. It’s disheartening and uncomfortable to watch, to say the least.

Me Too, Comrade

This has led to employees who work under Haddaji to speak out against him. Accusations range from screaming and breaking equipment to blacklisting and sexual assault. One allegation stated he demanded a female employee call him “Daddy Yasha”.

Nintendo made the following statement regarding Haddaji’s actions.

“We are aware of a video uploaded to YouTube recently in which Nintendo Russia’s General Manager, Yasha Haddaji, is seen losing his temper during an altercation with an external vendor in charge of a Mario Kart livestream. Mr Haddaji’s conduct and choice of words are most certainly not in line with our company values. We are also aware of further allegations that have appeared in the wake of this video and are now running a thorough investigation. We take these matters extremely seriously and will not comment further while we are running our investigation.”

It seems there has been a long history of these allegations against Yasha Haddaji. If these allegations are any indication, then Nintendo of Russia will have a large opening to fill. Hopefully, that results in a better workplace environment for everyone affected.


David Giltinan
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