Nintendo Reveals Limited Edition ‘Metroid: Samus Returns’ T-Shirts

Nintendo of America has revealed two new Metroid: Samus Returns T-shirts, both of which happen to be limited edition.

Protect the galaxy in style w/ these Limited Edition : Samus Returns T-Shirts! Available while supplies last.”

Both pieces of merch are definitely appealing, especially for Metroid die-hard fans. If you’re a fan of the franchise, will you be wearing either of these shirts? Comment below, let us know.

Metroid: Samus Returns is the latest installment in the Metroid series. Released for the Nintendo 3DS on September 15, the title has gathered a slew of positive reviews. Our Editor-in-Chief, Shawn Long, reviewed the game and gave it an 8.5, highlighting positives such as its atmosphere and new abilities given to Samus.

Aric Sweeny
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