Nintendo cuts the cord on new Switch system update (12.0.3)

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UPDATE (6/9/2021) — Nintendo’s Japanese Support Twitter account has now weighed in on the removal of the Switch system update (12.0.3).

According to a small thread of tweets, the official reason for the update being pulled is due to some users experiencing connectivity issues and others who are using micro SDXC (very large capacity cards) for the first time will not be able to do so until the issue is fixed. Nintendo warns that those who have already downloaded the update may experience connectivity issues until the issues are completely fixed.

The company apologizes for the issues and asks its fans to be patient.

The original story follows…

In an odd turn of events, Nintendo has officially put a stop to the distribution of its latest firmware update for the Switch, version 12.0.3. The update was first released on June 7, but then in the early hours of the following day, Nintendo stopped the distribution of the update files over its servers.

While Nintendo UK has acknowledged that the update distribution has been temporarily ceased. The Nintendo UK support page simply states the following:

“Note: At the moment, we’re temporarily suspending the distribution of 12.0.3. (Added 08/06/2021 at 12:00 CEST)”

There have been some reports from the community that the update has been causing data on SD cards to become corrupted. However, these reports are not backed up with any evidence and appear to be jokes. Other reports from the community suggest that some users have been getting error code 2123-1502.

Known data miners have weighed in on the situation via Twitter. One miner, who goes by the Twitter handle “@SciresM”, states that the “actual issue” has to do with the Switch being unable to connect to update servers. It appears to have something to do with “TLS 1.3 support being removed”.

This is pretty much the first time Nintendo has ever rolled back a system update. We’ve seen updates create issues in the past, such as when a major firmware update caused havoc for users of third-party Switch docks a few years ago. But, in that case, it wasn’t really Nintendo’s fault anyway so the company never addressed it outside of encouraging users to only use licensed accessories. This, however, does seem to be an oversight on its part and so now it’s taking action.

In any case, this was a relatively minor firmware update that, according to Nintendo, was rolled out to deploy “stability improvements”. Thus, it likely shouldn’t take long for it to be released once again very soon.

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