Nintendo reportedly targeting record Switch & game sales this year, has several unannounced new games

Bloomberg report Nintendo Switch Pro XL hardware sales software sales 250 million 205 estimate projection forecast

Bloomberg is reporting, according to Nintendo partners and suppliers speaking anonymously, that Nintendo is expecting to have essentially a record fiscal year for Nintendo Switch hardware and software (video game) sales. Nintendo reportedly expects to sell the same or slightly higher numbers of Nintendo Switch hardware units for this next fiscal year ending in March 2022, owing largely to the unannounced so-called “Nintendo Switch Pro” that will allegedly have a larger, OLED display screen and docked 4K functionality. If Nintendo could achieve such sales figures despite COVID finally, slowly abating and people finally going outside, it would be a massive victory.

Meanwhile, Nintendo software sales for the next fiscal year are reportedly projected to hit an incredible 250 million units, which is dramatically more than the 205 million units the company reportedly forecast for this currently concluding fiscal year. As it stands, at 205 million software units, Nintendo Switch would end the current fiscal year by narrowly obtaining the largest single-year software sales of any Nintendo console, overtaking Wii. To achieve even greater numbers this coming year, there must be some remarkable games launching this fiscal year for Nintendo Switch alongside the likes of Pokémon Brilliant Diamond and Shining Pearl, and along those lines, the Bloomberg report states matter-of-factly, “Much of this year’s lineup of new games remains unannounced.”

At present, analysts are not as optimistic about the performance of Nintendo Switch hardware and software sales in the coming fiscal year, believing both hardware and software units sold will decline to some degree over the previous year. Nonetheless, the continued shortages of PlayStation 5 and Xbox Series X|S due to parts being unavailable are continuing to fuel sales of Nintendo products.

What do you think of these reported Nintendo Switch hardware and software forecasts, and what sorts of games do you suspect could launch in the coming fiscal year that could help the company hit 250 million software units?


John Friscia
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