Nintendo Removing Super Mario Maker Levels With Little Warning

Super Mario Maker is a fantastic way to release your creative thoughts and put them into a Mario level, but just how many courses can the server hold? It appears that it’s already reaching the maximum limit according to Kotaku, as courses are being deleted with little warning.

Nintendo has the following outline when it comes to course removal:

Notice regarding course uploads

Please be aware that after a fixed period of time, courses with low popularity will be automatically deleted from the server.

Nintendo reserves the right to use uploaded courses and related data, either as-is or with alterations, for either commercial or noncommercial purposes without compensation to the uploader.

It appears that the “low popularity” indication is really starting to catch on, as many have been complaining about courses being deleted. Of course, it makes you wonder what determines what “low popularity” is, because many are saying their played-courses have been impacted.

Have any of your courses been removed? Let us know in the comments below.

Shawn Long
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