Nintendo releases official “History of Metroid in 2D” video

2D Metroid history

It took nearly two decades, but 2D Metroid is back in full force! Metroid Dread is a direct sequel to 2002’s Metroid Fusion on GBA, picking up right where it left off. If you’re new to the series, you may be wondering what you’re missing by jumping in at Metroid 5. The game opens by recapping some of Samus’s past events, but it really only touches on two of the previous games. To fill in the gaps, Nintendo has released a new “The History of Metroid in 2D” video that serves as a primer for Dread. It combines in-game footage with some new transitional scenes, and it’s a pretty fun watch. Check it out below!

The History of Metroid in 2D

It all leads up to Dread

Samus has defeated Mother Brain, eradicated the Metroids, destroyed Zebes, and bested the SA-X. The 2D Metroid series is full of excitement, and it has gone down in gaming history as one of the most influential franchises around. All of Samus’s adventures have led to Metroid Dread, which producer Yoshio Sakamoto teased would “conclude the uncanny relationship between Samus and Metroids.” It’s a story that’s been 35 years in the making, and it’s out now on Nintendo Switch. If you’re still not sold on Dread yet, why not check out our review? You can also download a free demo on Nintendo eShop.

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