Nintendo rejects the report of higher profit margins for Switch OLED

Nintendo rejects Bloomberg reporting that Nintendo Switch OLED model will yield higher profit margins due to low manufacturing cost (+$10).

Nintendo rarely comments directly on rumors, reports, and speculation about its products. However, the official corporate Twitter account for Nintendo has chosen to comment specifically on and reject the recent Bloomberg report that claimed Nintendo Switch OLED would yield higher profit margins for the company. That report estimated that each unit of Nintendo Switch OLED would only cost around $10 more to manufacture than the standard model, which, combined with OLED costing $50 more for consumers, would result in higher profit margins. Nintendo says this is just “incorrect.”

Nintendo also noted that it has “no plans for launching any other (Nintendo Switch) model at this time,” which is unsurprising as no one expected the company to release any further models this year. However, this statement in itself may be another rejection of previous Bloomberg reporting, as Bloomberg had stated back in May that a substantially upgraded Switch model (colloquially called the “Switch Pro“) with 4K capabilities would be announced this year. The reveal of Nintendo Switch OLED proved this aspect of the reporting incorrect, since OLED has no game performance upgrades beyond to audio, but Bloomberg was correct about a 7″ OLED screen model.

Suffice to say, while there is no reason to question the integrity of Bloomberg reporting, it has landed upon some apparently inaccurate conclusions lately. Nintendo Switch OLED profit margins will apparently be in line with profits for the standard console.


John Friscia
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