Nintendo QOL development still ongoing, not involved with Pokémon Sleep

Nintendo QOL development still ongoing, not involved with Pokémon Sleep

In the ancient year of 2014, Nintendo announced a quality-of-life (QOL) development project. They would develop technology that simply helped enrich people’s lives. However, since then, we’ve heard mostly nothing. In fact, last year Nikkei reported that the QOL project could be dead. But during Nintendo’s 79th Annual General Meeting Of Shareholders, Nintendo reaffirmed that QOL development continues. Furthermore — and despite popular speculation — it has nothing to do with Pokémon Sleep.

Cheesemeister offers a translation of the Q&A originally provided by NStyles:

Pokémon Sleep, with its goal of making sleep “entertaining,” certainly sounds like the type of experience Nintendo’s QOL project would want to deliver. Combined with Nikkei‘s claims of QOL struggles, it would have been plausible that Nintendo “handed the baton” of development to The Pokémon Company with Sleep. But we know now that’s not the case.

So we’re back where we started from. Nintendo has a project in the works, and when or even if we’ll ever see the fruits of that labor is a mystery. What do you think they’re working on? Do you think it’ll really knock our socks off someday, or do you suppose that team’s the black sheep of their office? Let us know in the comments.


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