President Furukawa finally apologizes for the Joy-Con drift issue

Nintendo Joy-Con drift lawsuit

The biggest hardware issue that Nintendo Switch owners far and wide have had to deal with is the infamous Joy-Con Drift phenomenon. It involves the analog stick on the Joy-Con inputting movements that the user themselves do not control. Usually, all the user has to do is touch the stick very lightly and it will “drift” continously in that direction on-screen.

Nintendo has never really had much to say about this, despite it becoming so widespread. A few of its major branches, particularly Nintendo of America, have gone ahead and offered free repairs for the issue, however. But now, during a recent Investor’s Briefing (translated by Robert Sephazon), Nintendo President Furukawa has finally come out and formally addressed the matter. He apologized on behalf of Nintendo for this issue, but didn’t say anything more due to the on-going class action lawsuit that was filed in the United States a few months ago. The fact that even the President held back from commenting shows that this lawsuit really has hit home for Nintendo.

It seems that just about every Switch user (particularly those that own a pair of Joy-Con) experience the drift issue with at least one of the units. As for me, I’ve only ever owned just the original pair that came with my Switch back in 2017. The issue has developed in the left Joy-Con (which seems to be the most common offender). I tried the rubbing alcohol and electronic contact cleaner methods, both to no avail. What finally ended up working was replacing my left stick altogether. It took about an hour, and the parts were only $12. So, if you have some spare time and know how to shop online, I’d consider looking up a video tutorial and replacing the stick. Though, if you’re too afraid to open up your controller (or don’t have the technical know-how), then sending it to Nintendo (if possible) is still an option.


A.K Rahming
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