Nintendo president again shoots down prospect of announcing Switch Pro

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Rumors of an alleged “Nintendo Switch Pro” console of sorts have been swirling for several years now. Leakers have spoken of it ad-nauseam, leading many fans to expect it to arrive sooner rather than later. Nintendo, on the other hand, has skirted around the topic time and again. And that’s no different this time with company president Shuntaro Furukawa once again denying that there are plans to announce a new Switch model.

Mr. Furukawa’s response comes from the Q&A session held after Nintendo’s recent financial report. An investor asked the question in reference to Nintendo mentioning in the past that it intends to extend the Switch’s lifecycle and expanding its install base. The investor then asked Mr. Furukawa “Where do you think there is room to grow?”, explicitly saying “I’d like to hear more about your strategy for the Nintendo Switch family of systems.”

Mr. Furukawa carefully blew off the idea of there being a big new reveal coming, pointing at that the high sales of the Switch, the most of which were just achieved throughout its fourth year on the market that it’s about to wrap up. He formally stated: “We do not have plans to announce a new model.”

For now, Mr. Furukawa says that Nintendo is focusing on appealing to those who want more than one Switch console in their household, and further expanding console sales across all markets.

Switch Pro – bably not (now)?

A few months ago, Nintendo of America’s president Doug Bowser made a similar statement about the potential of a new Switch model coming. In an interview, he stated plainly that Nintendo’s current focus is on the existing models rather than an all-new one. With Mr. Furukawa now reaffirming this, it seems likely that if there really is a Switch Pro of any sorts, it’s not coming in the near future.

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In March, the Switch will begin its fifth year on the market, thus meaning that it will soon formally go past the midpoint of its lifecycle. Most consoles tend to start winding down around this point, but the Switch is quite an unconventional little system.

As mentioned before, sales have only been surging in recent months and Nintendo is busy focusing on keeping that demand not only flowing but growing. Thus, it would arguably be counterproductive to release an all-new system right now. And, with there being such a huge existing install base, developers would be selling to a tiny fraction if they were to go ahead and significantly upgrade their games for a more powerful model.

For the most part, it seems like nobody should be holding their breath for a Switch Pro. Nintendo has never said that it will never happen, but it just doesn’t seem to be likely to happen at this point in time; perhaps very far off from now. Maybe after the Switch’s sixth or seventh year on the market, but at that point, it might be better for a formal successor altogether, especially considering the recent releases of next-gen consoles.

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