Nintendo planning building expansion to develop more games in-house

Nintendo planning building expansion to develop more games in-house hire hiring more employees old headquarters Kyoto City Waterworks Bureau

We reported last month that Nintendo was planning to invest upward of $900 million in expanded game development, and now there is a building expansion plan to hire more employees to develop games in-house. These plans come from Japanese business publication Nikkei via VGC. Nintendo will both rent two floors from a new government building and also build a new office where the old Nintendo headquarters used to be, all in the pursuit of expanding development teams.

Firstly, starting in May 2022, Nintendo will rent floors 6 and 7 of the new Kyoto City Waterworks Bureau building, which is directly beside the current Nintendo headquarters. Depending on how many new employees Nintendo hires for it, it will receive upward of 160 million yen (about $1.4 million) per year for three years from the government. Secondly, a large section of currently unused land at the old Nintendo headquarters will be used to build a new office building for game development. At present, the section that is being used is for the Nintendo Kyoto Research Center and the Mario Club QA team. This is not to be confused with the planned Nintendo Gallery.

Nintendo games are known for consistent high quality, the likes of which is seldom seen elsewhere in the video game industry. It is only a good thing if Nintendo wants to do even more of that. Meanwhile, for those who live on the other side of the Pacific Ocean, Nintendo of America has been hiring interns for next year.


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