Nintendo Officially Confirms Miiverse Closure for Wii U and 3DS

Well folks, that’s a wrap. After the rumor sprouted a few weeks ago, Nintendo has officially confirmed that it will be shutting down Miiverse for Wii U, 3DS and PC/mobile browsers in November.

The service will shutdown on November 7th, 2017 10PM (Pacific). Once Miiverse is closed, users will no longer be able to access the service. Nintendo will be allowing users to download their past Miiverse posts (minus comments and user messages) from the official Miiverse website. An email will be sent to the users “a few weeks after the service ends”.

Launched back in 2012 alongside the Wii U, Miiverse was Nintendo’s answer to social networks like Facebook and Twitter. Similar to those other services, Miiverse allowed users to connect and share content with each other. What separated Miiverse from other social networks was that Nintendo was the one keeping track of everything. As a result, only family-friendly content was allowed to be posted. Miiverse users mainly enjoyed the ability to share screenshots and even their custom drawn images by means of using the Wii U Gamepad’s touchscreen. Many games also implemented Miiverse features like having User Posts appear in-game as tips for players. Now, all of this will come to an end.

So, why is Miiverse closing? According to Nintendo, the decision was made because “users are shifting to social networking services.” It was also mentioned that there are “other reasons”. My theory on what those “other reasons” could possibly be is that running a network service like Miiverse must be pretty expensive. Seeing that it’s being offered for free and there are no advertisements, Nintendo may have never even made a single cent off of the service and now that it’s shifting its resources over to Switch, which lacks Miiverse, the service must be more trouble than it’s worth.

Nintendo confirmed that it will not be replacing Miiverse on Switch. This isn’t a surprise considering that the system has native support for connecting with social media networks like Facebook and Twitter. Miiverse will continue to live on in an incredibly weird way by remaining as a useless icon on the HOME menus of Wii U and 3DS systems. An error message will appear if they are activated after the service closes in November.

In addition to Miiverse, Wii U Chat and Nintendo TVii will also be shutting down. Both of these features were also big highlights of the Wii U at launch, but neither really took off, especially compared to Miiverse popularity.

You can read the full official FAQ of Miiverse’s closure right over here. 

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