Nintendo of Europe Reveal Trine: Enchanted Edition Due on eShop Before End of March

Nintendo of Europe today confirmed that FrozenByte’s remake of the original Trine, will be available from the Wii U eShop before the end of the month. Trine: Enchanted Edition features numerous improvements upon the original game and was made possible thanks to strong reaction Trine 2 received when it was released on the Wii U at launch.

Trine: Enchanted Edition arrives on Nintendo #eShop for #WiiU later this month. Are you looking forward to it?

— Nintendo of Europe (@NintendoEurope) March 9, 2015

Trine Enchanted Edition is the origin story for the three unlikely heroes of Trine – Amadeus the Wizard, Pontius the Knight, and Zoya the Thief. Spellbound by the magical object Trine, the heroes must join forces to overcome obstacles and puzzles in a fully interactive physics-based world, battle the undead and their minions, and restore balance to the kingdom!


Action and platforming in a fantasy fairytale world, featuring 15 breathtaking levels full of dangerous enemies, hazards, and physics-based puzzles

Origin story for the 3 heroes – Amadeus the Wizard, Pontius the Knight, and Zoya the Thief, each with their own skills and unique abilities

Solve challenges and puzzles in many different ways by combining the characters\’ abilities, and come up with creative solutions never seen before!

Online and local co-op multiplayer for up to three players

Last week FrozenByte announced Trine 3, but at the time no console platforms were confirmed. Expect FrozenByte to be watching the reaction to Trine: Enchanted Edition to see if they\’ll bring Trine 3 to the Wii U eShop as well.