Nintendo of America opens up its internship applications in two cities

Nintendo internship applications Nintendo of America

If you love video games, and you come to a website like Nintendo Enthusiast, you’ve almost definitely fantasized about working for Nintendo. If we found out somebody on our staff hadn’t, we’d probably fire him or her. That’s just how it is. So it’s exciting to know that Nintendo of America has posted a wide variety of new Nintendo internship opportunities at its Careers website. Most of the positions are based out of Redmond, WA, but there are two in Redwood City, CA as well.

Redmond is where many engineering internship positions are being offered, such as “Graphics Software Engineer,” “Cloud Tools Software Engineer,” and “IT Quality Software Engineer.” Analytics, UI, and even finance positions are also available. Meanwhile, Redwood City is offering Nintendo internships for “Retail Marketing & Strategy” and “Social Media Marketing.”

Each internship listing comes with its specific description of job duties and expected job skills. Many of the engineering positions require C or C++ experience of some kind, but not all, so be sure to dig through every detail. Many of the positions require a minimum 3.0 GPA as well, because — come on — this is Nintendo of America!

These job listings came to our attention by way of a Reddit post from a person who claims to have been a previous intern and is willing to answer anyone’s questions. If you apply, good luck to you!


John Friscia
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