Nintendo internally discussing concept & timing for next-gen console, Switch still in middle phase

Nintendo discussing concept & timing for next-gen console; Switch still in middle phase

Nintendo is entering its fifth year on the market, and the company is already discussing the concept and timing for its next-gen console. The six months financial results briefing for the fiscal year ending March 2022 is here with additional details.

The financial briefing doesn’t provide any details about Nintendo’s next device, but it has a placeholder release date of “20XX” for its “integrated hardware-software next gaming system.” While that still doesn’t tell us much, it’s the first mention from Nintendo about a next-gen console after launching the Switch.

However, the company did provide a little more insight in the Q&A. The company also reiterated that the Switch is still in the middle of its life cycle. Check out a highlight below:

Q: What can you say about the 20xx next-gen device?

A: “Nothing we can say, the Switch is in the middle phase of its cycle, and we now have OLED and momentum continues with a wide variety of software lineup.”

A2: “On next-gen, we are not saying right now, we are still going through internal discussions on concept, timing, and etc.”

We’re already talking about the next Nintendo console, but you might be wondering what about the production of its current console. We learned yesterday that the company lowered its Switch sales forecast from 25.5 million to 24 million due to a global semiconductor shortage. Nintendo shared a few words about the shortage in the Q&A:

Q: What are you doing to address the semiconductor shortage?

A: “We’re seeing a little bit of an impact, but we’re reviewing designs to reduce the impact on the business.”

Most of the Q&A surrounded hardware development and production, but Nintendo shared a few words concerning its IPs:

Q: Will IP sales be contact point or generate profits?

A: “We create characters in games to create affinity with users and try not to have over exposure. Priority is dedicated game device and the objective is for IPs to drive interest in games.”

With Nintendo Switch soon approaching 100 million units in hardware sales, it’s good to see that there’s still plenty of life left for the hybrid console, especially if it means we’ll get more quality titles like Shin Megami Tensei V. Nintendo Switch’s life cycle started in March 2017 when it launched, so we can expect the “end” to be sometime before or after 2027 if we’re currently at the halfway point. Considering Nintendo discussed the Switch as its then-codename NX before its reveal, we might begin hearing about the next-gen console in 2025~26. In any case, we still have plenty of time to enjoy our Switches before having to worry about the next big thing.