Nintendo News – The Most Exciting News Stories from the Past Week


Nintendo News – The Most Exciting News Stories from the Past Week

by Menashe

Sorry for the slow pace of the news we published last week. Can you smell change in the air? While we work on a site redesign and a forum overhaul the news sort of piled up on us. So, I\’m going to pull off a one-time move and do it all in one long blabber-thon.

Wii U Apps and Software

So, what was the deal with Youtube? It seems that the Wii U’s new browser ran into some issues with Youtube last week, with the blame going to Youtube. Some clever user found a workaround by appending the word \”_popup\” to the word \”watch\” in the URL. Luckily, though, it seems like it all worked out in the end. For now everything is up and running and thank the heavens above you can watch Youtube on the browser and not the terrible Youtube app.

Iwata apologized to fans for the slow Wii U OS. There was some mis-communication and some thought he announced a system update to fix it but I don\’t think that’s happening. Oh, and speaking of system updates, Nintendo tweeted their advice: if you plan on buying a Wii U for a loved one or friend, you may want to be considerate and update the system first so they won\’t have to wait for an hour+ as the system performs its first update. Then make sure to bundle it up again and tie on wrapping paper so they won\’t know you opened it first. (There goes the unboxing video.)


Nintendo TVii launched this week and people have really taken to it. After AP and other news publications stopped talking about the Wii U once the launch was over, the release of Nintendo TVii got them buzzing again. This may be one of the surprise killer apps for Nintendo’s plans to wrest control of the living room from Microsoft and Sony. In honor of the release, we were treated to something new: Reggie Asks! In the five segmented feature  Reggie and the men behind Nintendo TVii gave an in-depth look and behind the scenes of the new service.

People in the industry may be hating on the Wii U pretty often but it still seems like there’s demand for the console. Some thieves were desperate enough to pull off a coup and make off with 7,000 consoles from Seattle Air Cargo. The question is how these consoles will be sold. Is there a black market for the Wii U?

The producer of Metal Gear Rising: Revengeance reiterated that there were no plans to bring the game to Wii U. This doesn\’t surprise me since I can assume that any game coming to the Wii U will not be from the current batch of games we know of. Wii U ports will most probably start coming in the wave 2 of releases for the Wii U when developers have had enough time with the final dev kits to start planning a port of their games to Wii U from the get-go. Any game releasing around now that didn\’t have Wii U in mind when development started at least a year ago, will probably not have a change in plans.

3DS News


In what will go down as one of the most significant events in the 3DS\’ lifespan, it was announced by the owner of the infamous homebrew hacking forum,, that the 3DS has finally been hacked. We don\’t advocate pirating of games, but we do hope for some quality homebrew games and a hack for the ever-frustrating region-lock. (It’s my last resort for Bravely Default.)

Bravely Dafault came out two months ago in Japan. In North America we haven\’t had any announcement of localization but it seems Japan is all ready to start talking sequels. Yessir, the producer already mentioned that a sequel is in the early stages. I still think Bravely Default will be getting a release in the West, and the whispers of a Squenix domain purchase for \”All of the Bravest\” has me hoping.

Straight out of Japan we got a love of lovin\’ for Dragon Quest. New trailers of both Dragon Quest X and VII looked gorgeous. Although a delay of Monster Hunter 4 until summer of next year doesn\’t make us happy. It does work well with the release of Monster Hunter 3 Ultimate, though. Hey, as long as they use the time to polish it until it shines, I\’m good.


In American 3DS news, Code of Princess was announced to be coming to the eShop and NSMB2 got some more DLC. On March 24, Pokémon Mystery Dungeon: Gates to Infinity will be releasing for the 3DS and it’s the first time this Pokemon spinoff series has me intrigued. Lastly, XSEED will be bringing Unchained Blades to the eShop on January 3rd (in Japan they\’re already playing the sequel.) With retail games coming to the eShop, I have less and less reason to visit a gaming store. And that’s something I\’m quite happy about.

Other Tidbits


Zelda fans were saddened this week as Lego CUUSO vetoed the Zelda lego proposition due to irregular molds that would raise the cost. Instead, a Back to the Future set was announced. I think that’s hardly a proper replacement. I was really looking forward to staging my very own Ganondorf vs Link battles.

It looks like Microsoft may have had plans for Rare to return to the Killer Instinct franchise which made their name originally on Nintendo systems. Those plans may still be in the works, but the game won\’t be called Killer Instinct (and knowing modern-day Rare I have a feeling it won\’t have the quality of the original games either.) The US Patent office denied Microsoft use of the name on the grounds that it may be confused with a similarly-named TV show from 2005.

We\’ll leave off with what may be the most exciting news of the week.. Earthbound news! Coming straight from the mouth (or tweets) of the prodigious master himself, Shigesato Itoi, we now know that something Earthbound is in the works. He made sure everyone knew it wasn\’t Mother 4, so we can probably assume it will be a compilation or localization. Maybe it will even be a 3DS Virtual Console or 3D Classic release of one of the Mother games. We can only dream…