Nintendo Network Premium Announced

Did Nintendo just announce a subscription-based online model for the Wii U in Japan? Urm, a little bit yes, head inside for details…

Nintendo, namely Satoru Iwata, has always been vocal about not forcing gamers into a subscription model to use the online services. This is why the Nintendo Wifi Connection was always free. But it seems there are a few changes afoot…


  • Nintendo Network Premium is the name.
  • Most features that are game related will remain free, and accessible to non-premium (Wii U Basic Set) members.
  • This is just for the extra \”hardcore\” features.
  • Those who register for the initiative will receive points for their purchases.
  • The amount of points depends on the publisher. So you may get better deals than the basic one Nintendo offers!
  • They will also get 10% discount on digital purchases.
  • Controller stands are included in the package.
  • Nintendo Network Premium will be carried through December 2014.
  • The Nintendo Network Premium discount point program is available only with the Wii U Premium Set. Aimed at heavy downloaders.
  • Only available on the Wii U Premium Set.
No word on if this will also work with the 3DS just yet, but expect more details from the events later on. This post will be updated as necessary.