Nintendo Network Down Due To Season Demand

Nintendo Network is encountering issues across all their systems on Christmas day. Nintendo has apologized and scheduled extended maintenance to handle said issues, but as of this writing said issues remain.

To be clear, both Nintendo of America and Europe have provided separate apologies via Twitter, and pointed to the schedule for extended maintenance at December 25 10 PM PST/December 26 6 AM. This maintenance took thirty six minutes, and occurred six hours ago.

Nintendo confirmed issues on the Nintendo eShop and making NNIDs, although other services may have also been affected. Let me reiterate that these issues affected all of Nintendo’s online consoles; Wii U, 3DS, Wii, and even the DS.

Hi, everyone. We\’re aware that some of you are encountering issues with eShop and creating NNIDs. Our team is working hard to resolve them…

— Nintendo of America (@NintendoAmerica) December 25, 2013


…And we are truly sorry for any inconvenience. Please follow us for more updates. Thank you for your patience!

— Nintendo of America (@NintendoAmerica) December 25, 2013


Most updated information on Nintendo Network ID (NNID) creation issue –

— Nintendo of America (@NintendoAmerica) December 25, 2013


We\’re truly sorry to notice general network service problems. Hopefully we can resolve the matter soon. Thank you for your patience.

— Nintendo of Europe (@NintendoEurope) December 25, 2013


Of course, the implication underlying all this is high demand, presumably stemming from a large number of new Nintendo console owners applying for NNIDs and buying games on their system for the first time. Tangentially, Steam and PSN also experiences system issues for the same reasons, so it really is not like other companies are better equipped to handle the holidays.

There is also a concern that Europeans may not be able to avail of the December 26 free trial for Wii Sports Club that should be available in a few hours, but it’s likely they\’ll reschedule it if necessary. Hopefully, it won\’t even be necessary. For now, you can double check Nintendo Network’s online status here (US) and here (Europe)

UPDATE: As of December 26, 2 PM Pacific/10 PM UTC, Nintendo of America sent a follow up tweet confirming Nintendo Network is still encountering issues, and as always, asking for patience. We also have a tweet confirming that Miiverse was also affected by these issues. In the meantime, one Nintendo console owner has advice on how to help Nintendo get their systems back up and running again.

We apologize for the continued interruption of Nintendo eShop service and are working to resolve the situation. Thanks for your patience.

— Nintendo of America (@NintendoAmerica) December 26, 2013


Miiverse is broken you guys!! I\’m scared. ;(

— Joseph Guzman (@BattleJoe97) December 26, 2013


RT me: For however long it takes, I\’m doing my part by participating in #eShopStop. I\’ll wait to access it until it’s working again.

— Cheesemeister (@Cheesemeister3k) December 26, 2013


Ryan Parreno