Nintendo: Too Much Fan Service Can Make a Game Tasteless; Zelda DLC Feedback

The Legend of Zelda: Breath of the Wild was a huge departure for the Zelda franchise, but for most fans and critics it was a “breath” of fresh air for the series. Nintendo has been committed to creating more content for an already massive game, and in a recent interview with Mr. Aonuma he spoke how they were taking fan feedback into consideration:

Excellent obviously. But I realise that during these four months I have not stopped working on the DLC, so we kept our nose to the grindstone and we never felt like our work was done and that it was time for us to review it. One thing is for sure: for the last four months, we have focused on the player’s feelings, analysing their feedback and possibly changing via the DLC what they did not like. That said, we are still very cautious with fan-service, because too much fan-service can make the game tasteless. What I enjoyed during these four months was seeing the players and the sometimes unique and unexpected ways in which they play our game. Because the truth is we designed a game by saying that they were going to play as we wanted, or at least we knew how they were going to play. But when you see on YouTube how some people use the content we’ve created, we’re extremely surprised. We really did not expect that type of use.

Do you feel Nintendo has done a good job with the DLC in Zelda? Can too much fan service make a game “tasteless”? Let us know in the comments.

Shawn Long
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