Nintendo mobile games New Year’s event roundup

Nintendo mobile games

Hello Enthusiasts! I hope you’re keeping warm (or cool, depending on what side of the world you’re on) as we get closer to the New Year. It’s about to be a new decade, so we need to party extra hard. As always, Nintendo’s mobile games are having events celebrating the turn of the calendar, so let’s dive right in.

Animal Crossing: Pocket Camp

AC:PC is giving away free goodies every day until Jan. 8. There are decorations for your camp, New Year’s accessories for your camper, leaf tickets, and more. There’s even a statue commemorating the Year of the Rat. Make sure to log into the mobile game every day to collect your presents.

Dragalia Lost

DL has a lot going on right now and starting within the next few days. There’s a revival of the popular “New Year’s Tidings: Fortune from Afar” event, and a new event, “New Years Tidings: A Clawful Caper,” coming our way on Dec. 30. There are free daily Tenfold Summons until Jan. 3, a prize with every summon, an event to help you load up on materials, and Lucky Letters (which will reveal their prizes after the New Year). That’s not even mentioning the new, high-level content added a few days ago. This is how you throw a celebration for a mobile game.

Fire Emblem Heroes

FEH is continuing its tradition of having a story event and character variants in fancy duds. Starting on Dec. 31, you can play the new paralogue story “Renewed Spirits.” You’ll also be able to summon New Year’s versions of Anna, Selkie, Lethe, and an Alfonse & Sharena duo. Ironically, this is the first time Anna – the girl of a thousand identical twin sisters – has received an alt in Heroes. She’s sure to be a hot commodity for that reason alone.

Mario Kart Tour

MKT is bringing a New Year’s Tour to racers on Dec. 31. In addition to the new tracks, you can get alts of Toad, Yoshi, Koopa Troopa, and of course Mario in his Japanese holiday finest. There will also be new karts and gliders, and possibly more surprises in store.

Nintendo really wants to ring in 2020 with style in their mobile games. New Year’s events are always fun, so log in, collect your prizes, do your dailies, and remember to game responsibly.

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