The Nintendo Enthusiast Medley


The Nintendo Enthusiast Medley

composed by Josh Smith

This medley is the finale to our Wacky Week. One week ago, I approached our forum manager, Josh Smith (Running_in_Jam), and asked him if he would like to whip up a quick Nintendo remix for the Wacky Week theme. Josh, being a talented musician, had already partnered with a few of the staff members on games they were developing. In fact, he created the music for a game I submitted to FlashGameLicense to be auctioned off less than two weeks ago. Just as I expected, he said yes to the project right away. Still, we only gave him one week to work on it, so we knew it would be down to the wire.

The idea of this new project was to take an eclectic grab-bag of classic Nintendo tunes and see if they can all be thrown together into one remix. The idea of it was a bit wacky. The tunes would have to be tunes that spanned many different styles and themes and Josh’s challenge was to find a way to make each tune coherently transition into the subsequent tune. A hard challenge to say the least. We tried to stump him. The tunes are from all over the place. We even threw in some Mega Man and Castlevania. But, not only did he find a way to make it all work, he even managed to play some of them at the same time, in one theme! That Zelda Overworld Theme/Pokemon Theme duet he finishes with at the end? Wow. I was impressed. Josh wins this round. We\’ll have to try harder next time around.


Here’s the complete list of tunes we threw at him, in the order they show up in the remix:

  • Metroid Prime: Phendrana Drifts
  • Metroid (NES): Brinstar
  • F-Zero: Big Blue
  • The Legend of Zelda – Majora’s Mask: Deku Palace (my personal favorite in this whole remix)
  • Super Metroid: Kraid
  • Luigi’s Mansion: Main Theme
  • Super Mario Sunshine: Isle Delfino
  • Mega Man II: Dr. Wily’s Castle
  • Castlevania II – Simon’s Quest: Bloody Tears
  • Yoshi’s Island: Map
  • (Bloody Tears again)
  • The Legend of Zelda – Wind Waker: The Great Ocean (He actually blends several Zelda themes here)
  • Wind Waker – Earth God’s Lyric
  • Pokemon TV theme
  • Pokemon+Zelda Overworld Theme
  • Pokemon Champion Lance Theme
  • Pokemon TV theme

NOTE: Do yourself a favor. As soon as the video starts playing, click on the settings icon and switch the quality to 720p. It sounds much better.