Nintendo leak shows Intelligent Systems pitched a Metroid game for Wii

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The “Gigaleak” just keeps on giving! It’s been a year since a massive Nintendo leak flooded the internet with a treasure trove of behind-the-scenes details, and interested parties are still making new discoveries as they dig through it all. Yesterday, we reported on the leak of early Wii remote designs, but today the focus is on software. Resetera user MondoMega recently posted translations for a list of game pitches that never came to be. Among other things, this list reveals that Intelligent Systems was working on a Metroid game for Wii!

Intelligent Systems pitched a Metroid game for Wii

Details on this project are virtually non-existent, as the accompanying notes only say “Release some time after Metroid Prime.” Given that this leak seems to date to 2006, that’s most likely Metroid Prime 3, which was in development at the time. It’s easy to let your imagination run wild at the thought of Intelligent Sytems making a Metroid game for Wii. They’re best known for RPGs like Fire Emblem and Paper Mario, as well as party games like WarioWare. Were they planning to take Metroid in a whole new direction?

Beyond Intelligent Systems and the Metroid game that never came to Wii, there were a few other interesting tidbits. The long-rumored Sheik game from Retro Studios has once again been all but confirmed with this latest Nintendo leak. That said, we already knew it was real thanks to a concept artist spilling the beans. There’s also a note about the canceled Project H.A.M.M.E.R. that says  “Aiming to create a Dynasty Warriors type game that will sell in North America.” You can check out the full list of translated notes by clicking here.

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