Nintendo Labo designs were accomplished with Legos!

Nintendo Labo - Legos - Lego

You may have played some of the quirky, brick-tastic Lego games on the Nintendo Switch. But now, with the know-how of Youtuber and Lego-builder extraordinaire, Vimal Patel, the Nintendo Switch and Lego have taken their relationship to the next level. Replace the flimsier cardboard constructs in the Nintendo Labo kits with Legos!

Check out Patel’s video below:

In the video, Patel recreates the keyboard for the Labo piano, the bike handles, and the fishing rod. All of these creations are completely functional. If you’re a Lego whiz, consider opening yourself up to the challenge of constructing Lego Labo sets!

Oh, the possibilities…

Another video within Patel’s channel showcases various stands, controller grips, a steering wheel for racing games, and more all constructed with Legos. This is creative ingenuity at work. Also, it can potentially plant a seed in the minds of the Lego games development studio, TT Games, in possibly capitalizing on an opportunity here. Perhaps, future Lego games could incorporate real-life Lego-building moments for its games or even just particular experiences exclusive to the Nintendo Switch!

Lego Dimensions was not released for the Nintendo Switch. However, as a toys-to-life game, it featured actual Lego building in order to construct the portal for the Lego minifigs and various Lego Dimensions constructs. While the toys-to-life model has been overdone in this fashion, Lego and TT Games certainly have room to up their game (pun not intended) as they could potentially pioneer options like the ones presented by Patel.

Do you enjoy Legos? Would you consider Lego games that incorporated real-world Lego building? Do you have any ideas for these types of experiences that you’d like to see? We’d love to hear about it in the comments below. And, if you have what it takes to construct something creative incorporating the Nintendo Switch, we’d love to hear about it!

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