Nintendo is considering animation for franchises beyond new Mario movie

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Fast Company has published a lengthy feature about Nintendo with quotes from President Shuntaro Furukawa and Nintendo of America President Doug Bowser, and surprisingly, it conveys very little that our informed audience doesn’t already know. There are a couple interesting tidbits in there though, one of which pertains to Nintendo movie and animation aspirations. Furukawa explained that the company is looking at animation (whether for movies or TV or both was unspecified) for Nintendo franchises beyond the Super Mario movie in the works at Illumination.

“Animation, in general, is something that we are looking into, and not just this franchise,” said Furukawa.

There are hopes that the Super Mario movie and any subsequent Nintendo animation projects will be more faithful to the established IP than projects seen in the past, such as the Bob Hoskins and John Leguizamo Super Mario Bros. movie from 1993. Nintendo Creative Fellow Shigeru Miyamoto is “very, very hands-on with the production” of the Illumination Super Mario movie, according to Furukawa, which agrees with past discussion on the subject. As such, if the film deviates at all from what we understand the Nintendo franchise to be, we can be sure that it occurs with the blessing of Nintendo and the creator of Mario himself.

What other Nintendo franchises would you like to see as a movie or TV show in animation? Personally, I think a Punch-Out!! show would rule. It’s also definitely interesting to think about what could have happened with the canned claymation Star Fox show.


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