Nintendo is apparently the second most cash-rich company in Japan

nintendo cash money

Nintendo has seen quite a bit of success in the last couple of decades. The Wii, DS systems, and now the Switch have all been great successes for our favorite gaming company. We’ve known that Nintendo has also been pretty smart with the money they’ve made, always having a fair amount of money in the bank. But it turns out Nintendo is sitting on an especially large mountain of cash.

According to the Japanese analysis firm Risk Masters, Nintendo is the second most cash-rich company in Japan. The company is sitting on 844,500,000,000 yen in net cash, which equates to about $7.77 billion in U.S. dollars. That is something we all wish we had burning a hole in our pocket.

So who outranks Nintendo in the cash department? That spot belongs to tech company Toshiba, who has a total of 977,700,000,000 yen, or about $9 billion U.S. dollars. Other companies on the list include Shin-Etsu Chemicals, a massive Japanese chemical company, and Subaru, a company known for manufacturing vehicles.

So what I’ve learned today is that Nintendo is way better at holding on to their money than I ever will be. Of course, I guess a business would need more self-control than a game-addicted writer who makes questionable life choices.

What do you guys think of this incredible accomplishment? Did you expect them to rank higher or lower on the list? How do you think Nintendo of America would rank on a list like this? Let us know what you think in the comments below!


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