Switch production increase coming, Nintendo “can’t forecast” new output

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Nintendo is increasing Switch production to alleviate recent shortages spurred by a COVID-19-fueled boost in demand. Amidst intense lockdowns across the globe, the trusty hybrid system is flying off of physical and virtual shelves at a bewildering rate. The lockdowns that are contributing so heavily to the console’s popularity boom, however, are also going to complicate Nintendo navigating their way out of this shortage – as more and more workers are shut out and forced to stay home, production of many important parts for the systems grind to a halt.

Still, Nintendo is going to do what it can to get the Switch in more hands around the world. A representative for the company said that, while it is doing its best to stifle the shortage, a lot of components in this boosted supply order will be hard to pull off on short notice. As such, Nintendo can’t predict just how many extra Switch consoles will land on digital storefronts and brick-and-mortar retailers (however many it is, hopefully it’s enough to knock a recent wave of scalpers out of existence). Some part producers, however, have allegedly received April-June component orders about 50% larger than initially planned.

Suppliers have indicated that new social distancing measures will impede production progress, but others are a bit more optimistic. Industry analyst Daniel Ahmad, for example, believes that Nintendo’s sparse Switch supply could be nothing more than a memory by May or June.


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