Nintendo has taken down two Chinese Switch piracy websites

Nintendo Switch Piracy

Over the past few months, Nintendo has been steadily increasing its official presence in China. The Chinese gaming market for consoles has been quite odd compared to the rest of the world, due to the government banning traditional game consoles for many years. This ban has only been recently lifted, hence why the Big N is only now preparing to officially to launch there.

In the absence of an official presence, piracy has been left to run uncontested. Now, the Big N has decided to arm its legal cannons and take action. Thanks to its Chinese partner Tencent, two large piracy websites that host Switch games have been slapped with the ban hammer. One such website is called 91wii, which has had its Switch download section blocked. 

Hijinks on the virtual high seas

Nintendo Switch Hack Ban Hammer

Due to the Switch’s easily-exploitable Tegra X1 chipset, piracy became a problem on the platform relatively quickly. Game sales have been doing really well on Switch up to this day, so it doesn’t seem that piracy has had a huge adverse effect just yet, but that doesn’t mean Nintendo has been relaxed about the situation. It’s done a lot to try and patch up the security holes that hackers have uncovered. Even beyond that, Nintendo has a very sour attitude towards piracy in general. Hence why it filed a massive lawsuit against two American-based ROM websites last year, which had the domino effect of scaring another large ROM repository, Emuparadise , enough for it to take down its own file downloads.

There will likely be more stories like this as time goes on, as Nintendo is clearly showing no signs of letting piracy go unchallenged.


A.K Rahming
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